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The courses in the 2022 spring term

are as follows:



Compulsory courses are marked in bold.

Courses are held on Thursdays.


COVID-19: Information on whether the courses will be held online or face to face will be sent out in due course. At the moment we are planning for face to face courses.


Please note that - for technical reasons - Neptun may show slightly different times and venues in some cases. However, this table below is the valid timetable.

2022 Spring Timetable


 Course titles, tutors, codes


10:15 –11:45

Research Seminar 2 - Csizér Kata  BTKD-NY-NPAN-10


10:15 –11:45

Research Seminar 4 - Holló Dorottya BTKD-NY-NPAN-12   



12:00 -13:30

Focus on Language Pedagogy and English Applied Linguistics 2: Focus on the language teacher – Illés Éva   BTKD-NY-NPAN-3


12:00 -13:30

How to write and publish a research paper? – Károly Krisztina  BTKD-NY-NPAN-4-8



14:00 - 15:30

Qualitative research design – Albert Ágnes BTKD-NY-NPAN-4-8


14:00 - 15:30

Teaching culture through language – Holló Dorottya BTKD-NY-NPAN-4-8


14:00 - 15:30

Aspects of vocabulary acquisition and teaching – Dóczi Brigitta BTKD-NY-NPAN-4-8



15:45 - 17:15

English as a lingua franca and English language teaching – Illés Éva BTKD-NY-NPAN-4-8


15:45 - 17:15

Classroom assessment in language education - Lázár Ildikó BTKD-NY-NPAN-4-8


Teaching will start on Thursday, 10 February.



Plans for the 2022 autumn term:


Research Seminar 1 – Károly Krisztina BTKD-NY-NPAN-9

Research Seminar 3 - Holló Dorottya BTKD-NY-NPAN-11

Focus on Language Pedagogy and English Applied Linguistics: The Language Learner and Learner Language - an overview  - Albert Ágnes BTKD-NY-NPAN-1

Research Design and statistics - Csizér Kata  BTKD-NY-NPAN-2


electives: (BTKD-NY-NPAN-4-8)

Discourse analysis – Károly Krisztina

Language education for intercultural competence development – Lázár Ildikó

Oral and written scientific argumentation - Tankó Gyula

Training the trainers - Uwe Pohl






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