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The courses in the 2017 autumn term

are as follows:



Compulsory courses are marked in bold.

The courses are held on Thursdays:



 Course titles, tutors, venues, codes


8.30 –10.00

Focus on the language teacher   - Illés Éva  r. 308

DNEV16-NYA-102, DEDU16-LPRF-102




Research Seminar 1   - Károly Krisztina  r. 440

DNEV16-NYM-101, DEDU16-LPRF-102

 Research Seminar 3

- Holló Dorottya  r. 406

DNEV16-NYM-103, DEDU16-LPRM-103




Research Design and Statistics

- Csizér Kata r. 307

DNEV16-NYA-103, DEDU16-LPRF-103

- Educational Policy – Major Éva r. 403

DNEV16-NYV-116, DEDU16-LPE-116, NYPD-112:23

- Investigating individual differences in language learning from a dynamic systems perspective – Brózik Piniel Katalin r. 430  

DNEV16-NYV-133, DEDU16-LPE-133, NYPD-112:28


14.00 -15.30


- Structural equation modelling – Csizér Kata r. 307

DNEV16-NYV-125, DEDU16-LPE-125, NYPD-112:17

- Group facilitation – Szesztay Margit r.142

DNEV16-NYV-131,  DEDU16-LPE-131, NYPD-112:33



15.30 - 17.00


- English-Hungarian Interlanguage – Dávid Gergely r. 412

DNEV16-NYV-111, DEDU16-LPE-111, NYPD-112:37?



The term starts with an Orientation day on Thursday, 14 September starting at 10 a.m. (more information will be sent out by email)

Teaching starts on Thursday, 21 September.



Electives planned for spring 2018:

How to give lectures - Medgyes Péter

How to write and publish a research paper - Károly Krisztina

Writing Professional ELT materials – Király Zsolt

Researching English for Academic Purposes –Tankó Gyula

These may be subject to change!









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