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Supervisors and research topics



The following lists contains all the supervisors accredited by the Doctoral School, who currently take on supervision. The Programme Director or the Director of Studies can give advice on choosing and contacting supervisors.



Brózik-Piniel Katalin (brozik-piniel.katalin[at]

Language anxiety

The role of emotions in language learning

Ensuring quality in the quantitative measurement of individual differences in language learning

Individual differences and dynamic systems

Individual differences in language learning

Affect in foreign language learning

Language testing and assessment in the classroom

Applying dynamic systems theory to applied linguistics research

Classroom research on language pedagogy issues


Csizér Kata (weinkata[at]


Group dynamics

Research into attitudes

Quantitative language pedagogy research


Dávid Gergely (davidgergely[at]

Language test validation

Interlanguage analysis

Measuring foreign language proficiency


Eitler Tamás (eitler.tamas[at]

Varieties of English (in the context of education)

Lingua franca English (in the context of education)

Multimodal communication (in the context of education)


Holló Dorottya (hollo.dorottya[at]

The role of culture in language teaching

The integration of culture and language teaching

Intercultural communication

Content analysis of language teaching and teacher training programmes


Illés Éva (evailles[at]

Theoretical research in language pedagogy

Pragmatics in language teaching theory and practice

English as a lingua franca (ELF): research and pedagogic application

The role of language teacher in pedagogical research and classroom practice


Károly Krisztina (karoly.krisztina[at]

Discourse analysis

ESP research

Researching EFL writing

Translation studies


Kontra Edit (ehkontra[at]

Successful and/or unsuccessful language learners

Language learners with special needs

Foreign language learning by deaf and severely hard-of-hearing persons


Kurtán Zsuzsa (kurtanzs[at]

Discipline-specific languag education

Language education for specific purposes


Lázár Ildikó (ildiko.lazar[at]

Developing intercultural competence

Cooperative learning, group dynamics and the assessment of learning

Language teacher education, teacher education programs


Major Éva (majore[at]

Educational policy

Teacher education

ICT in language learning, language teaching and language teacher training


Medgyes Péter (pmedgy[at]

Applied linguistic research and course materials development

Language planning and the ELT curriculum

Political issues in ELT

Recent research on language education in Hungarian contexts


Németh T. Enikő (nemethen[at]

Interaction between grammar and pragmatics

Various forms of language use

Principles of language use

Speech act theory

Neo-Gricean and cognitive theories of pragmatics

Pragmatic connectives

Implicit arguments


Nikolov Marianne (nikolov.marianne[at]

Classroom-based research on language learning and teaching

Assessment of and for learning


Öveges Enikő (oveges.e[at]

Language (education) policy in Hungary

Language (education) policy in the EU

Foreign language proficienc exams in Hungarian school education

Developing and implementing foreign language curricula and syllabi


Pohl, Uwe ([at]

Intercultural communication / Developing intercultural competence

Language pedagogy - methodology



Reményi Andrea (remenyi.andrea[at]

Interactional sociolinguistics, oral interaction, conversation analysis

Language teaching policy

Computational lexicography


Sárvári Judit (sarvari[at]

The special characteristics of teaching international English (EIL) spread as the result of globalisation, testing language proficiency of users

Planning, implementing and evaluating English medium instruction programmes in non-native environment, the special characteristics of related teacher training programmes

The special characteristics of groups in English medium instruction programmes in non-native environment, the relationship between group dynamics and language proficiency in such contexts

The special characteristics of English medium discipline-specific instruction in non-native environment, the relationship between improvement in language proficiency and achievement in subject learning


Szabó Gábor (szabo.gabor2[at]

Langauge testing

Classical and modern theories in language testing


Szesztay Margit (margit.szesztay[at]

Exploring the language learner group processes - Research in group dynamics

The teacher as facilitator


Tankó Gyula (tanko.gyula[at]

Genre theory

Written discourse analysis

Teaching and assessing summarisation skills

Teaching and assessing synthesising skills







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