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Using databases for research

List of international and Hungarian Journals

A note about predatory journals


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Using databases for research


On 12 November, 2015 Nóra Deák, head of the SEAS Library, held a training session on

- using databases for research, and

- ways to connect to the university network.

The slides of the presentation can be downloaded from here:





A list of databases (can be accessed from an ELTE IP address - see the IT tips on the Practical Tips page): for: Web of Science, Science Direct, Springer Link


A collection of databases accessible from an ELTE IP address:  (in Hungarian)  (in English)





Further databases:


ELTE library catalogue:


Databases of Hungarian publications (including some in English):


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List of international and Hungarian Journals


The following links show the websites of subsciption journals available in print and online and open access online journals. While on-line availability is restricted with subscription journals, many journals offer free sample copies and sometimes - usually towards the end of the year - free access to their articles. In most cases, abstracts and submission guidelines are also accessible from these sites.


The acronyms in brackets indicate the libraries where hard copies can be found, though some subscriptions may have been stopped. The acronyms are explained here.


It is recommended that course participants publish their work in the research journals listed below. Other journals or volumes may also be accepted forums of publication, but this has to be negotiated with the Director of Studies of the programme.

Beware of predatory journals both when researching a topic or when planning to publish.




Across Languages and Cultures

Acta Linguistica Hungarica (MTA)

Alkalmazott Nyelvtudomány 

      in English: Hungarian Journal of Applied Linguistics

Applied Language Studies

Applied Linguistics

Bilingual Research Journal

CALL Electronic Journal

Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics

College Composition and Communication

Current Issues in Language Planning

Discourse - Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education

Discourse and Society  (FSZEK) (BCE Közg.)

Educatio (PPK)

English for Specific Purposes (VE) (PTE-Közg.)

ELT Journal

English Teaching Forum

Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics

European Journal of Applied Linguistic Studies  (open access) (open access)

Fordítástudomány (SEAS)

Humanising Language Teaching

International Journal of Applied Linguistics

International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 2004-2017 (open access)

International Journal of the Sociology of Language (CEU) (MTA)

International Review of Applied Linguistics - IRAL (SEAS) (MTA) (VE)

Iskolakultúra (PPK)

Journal of Adult Learning, Knowledge and Innovation - JALKI (open access)

Journal of Educational Psychology  (ELTE EK) (OPKM)

Journal of English as a Lingua Franca

Journal of English for Academic Purposes

Journal of Intercultural Communication

Journal of Language and Cultural Education (open access)

Journal of Language and Social Psychology  (MTA)

Journal of Language Teaching and Research (open access)

Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

Journal of Pragmatics (MTA) (SZTE)

Journal of Second Language Writing


Language Awareness

Language & Civil Society

Language & Communication  (MTA)  

Language and Education

Language and Intercultural Communication

Language Culture and Curriculum

Language in Society (MTA NYTUD) (BDF) (VE)

Language Learning (SEAS) (DE-Ang.) (PTE BTK)

Language Learning and Technology

Language Teaching  (SEAS) (DE-Ang.) (BDF)

Language Teaching Research

Language Testing  (SEAS) (VE)

Linguistics and Education

Magyar Pedagógia (PPK)

Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle  (MTA Pszich)

Modern Nyelvoktatás (PPK)


Psychological Review  (ELTE EK) (MTA Pszich)

Reading in a Foreign Language

Research on Language and Social Interaction

Second Language Research (VE)

Sprachtheorie und germanistische Linguistik

Studies in Second Language Acquisition  (SEAS)  (DE Ang)

Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching

System  (SEAS) (BDF) (VE)

TESOL Quarterly  (SEAS) (DE Ang) (SZTE) (VE)

The International Journal of Language Society and Culture

The Internet TESL Journal

The Modern Language Journal

The Reading Matrix

The Teacher Trainer Journal 

Transcultural Journal of Translation (open access)

Új Pedagógiai Szemle (PPK)

World Englishes

Written Communication (MTA)

WoPaLP - Working Papers in Language Pedagogy  (open access)




BCE Közg. - BudapestiCorvinus Egyetem, Közgazdasági Kar

BDF - Berzsenyi Dániel Főiskola, Szombathely

CEU - Central European University

DE-Ang. - Debreceni egyetem Angol-Amerikai Intézet

ELTE EK - ELTE Egyetemi Könyvtár

FSZEK - Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár

MTA - Magyar Tudományos Akadémia

MTA NYTUD - MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet

MTA Pszich - MTA Pszichológiai Intézet

OIK - Országos Idegennyelvi Könyvtár

OPKM - Országos Pedagógiai Könyvtár és Múzeum

PPK - ELTE PPK, Kazinczy utca

PTE-BTK - Pécsi Tudományegyetem BTK

PTE-Közg. - Pécsi Tudományegyetem Közgazdasági Kar

SEAS - ELTE School of English and American Studies

SZTE  - Szegedi Tudományegyetem

VE - Veszprémi Egyetem



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A note about predatory journals

Beware of predatory journals. Not to be confused with good quality open access journals that might also charge a publication fee (though typically not a submission fee!),  predatory journals focus on earning money. To attract authors they usually offer publication in an unrealistically short time, peer review is promised but not provided and the quality of their publication is low. They often publish articles even outside of their generally very broad spectrum of topics. Publications in these journals will not be awarded any credits. The best way to check that the journal you intend to publish in is not a predatory journal is to check its profile on MTMT ( under 'keresés az adatbázisban' (select 'folyóirat'). The predatory/non-predatory status is indicated for every journal. All fora of publication accepted by MTMT are regarded as trustworthy, and these publications will be awarded credits. If you wish to publish in a journal not on the MTMT records, please consult your supervisor and if they find it a trustworthy forum, submit an inquiry to the Programme Director or the Director of Studies before choosing to publish in it. Please note that book publishers may also operate on a predatory basis and in that case are to be avoided.


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