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Volume 12 - 2018:

Ágota Szűcs: The schematic structure use of non-trained and trained EFL learner English major BA students

Ármin Kövér: Disciplinary differences of topical progression in discourse: the case of abstracts in Applied Linguistics and literary studies

Rita Divéki: Teachers’ attitudes towards dealing with controversial issues in the EFL classroom: A pilot study

Gergely A. Dávid and Katalin Piniel: Establishing categories in the design of rating scales for MA-in-ELT theses

Katalin Hubai and Ildikó Lázár: Assessment of Learning in The Hungarian Education System With a Special Focus on Language Teachers’ Views and Practices

Beatrix Price: Vision and Mission: The Interconnectedness of ‘Possible Selves’ in Running English Language Teachers’ Associations


Volume 11 - 2017:


Eszter Sándor: Business English teachers’ perceptions of their professional role in a Hungarian

business school


Orsolya Szatzker: What makes dyslexic language learners successful in the long run?

An exploratory study


Ildikó Furka and Borbála Johnsen: The effect of short term Erasmus+ teacher training courses on foreign language teachers’ personal and professional competences – The case of four teachers


Ágota Szűcs: The metacognitive reading strategy awareness of first year EFL BA students: A mixed-methods study


Ármin Kövér: Investigating EFL listening comprehension skills: An empirical validation of C1 level test scores


Kata Vadai: Critical discourse analysis for language education: Unveiling power, ideology and manipulation in political discourse



Volume 10 - 2016:


Miklós Kontra: Ups and downs in English language teacher education in Hungary in the last half century


Juliana Patricia Llanes Sanchez: The emergence of cultural content in the professional development of in-service teachers of Spanish


Katalin Piniel, Kata Csizér, Sevda R. Khudiyeva, and Yuliya Gafiatulina: A comparison of Hungarian and Kazakh university students’ language learning profiles


Ágota Szűcs and Ármin Kövér: Reading skills involved in guided summary writing: A case study


Mehri Izadi and Mohsen Zare: Reticence in EFL speech production: A study of learners’ anxiety and vocabulary knowledge



Volume 9 - 2015:


Csaba Kálmán: The Teacher's Role in Generating and maintaining the motivation of Adult Learners of English in a corporate environment: a Pilot Study


Ármin Kövér and Ágota Szűcs: The Motivation Processes of MA in English Applied Linguistics Students


Dávid Smid: MA Students' Foreign Language Learning Motivation and Autonomy in an International Learning Context


David Juhasz: EFL Teacher Trainer Beliefs and Practices at a Hungarian University - Validating Instruments for a Pilot Study


Emese Boksay Pap: The Multilingual Inner Discourse of Vietnamese-Hungarian Bilinguals in Solving an L3 Problem-Solution Task: An Exploratory Study



Volume 8 - 2014:


Robert B. Kaplan: Is a Metaphor Merely a Metaphor?


Alexandra Bakó: Methodological Considerations in Constructing a Theoretical Framework of Terminological Awareness in Healthcare Communication


Kata Vadai: Possible Ways to Develop Foreign Language Learners' Critical Language Awareness: A Case Study


Adrienn Károly: Translating EU Texts in the English BA Programme: Exploring Teachers’ Views and Practice


Esther Gutierrez Eugenio: Assessing L3 Teachers’ Beliefs about Multilingualism: Building, Fine-tuning and Validating a Trilingual Questionnaire


Uwe Pohl and Judit Révész: Training to Become a Mentor: Hungarian EFL Teachers' Personal Discoveries



Volume 7 - 2013:


Mária Adorján: Explorations in Lexical Repetition Analysis: The Outcomes of Manual vs. Computer Automated Research Methods


Natália Borza: Register Analysis of English Biology Texts: A Corpus-Based Exploratory Study of Grammar


Emese Bukor: The Impact of Personal and Professional Experiences: Holistic Exploration of Teacher Identity


Krisztina Nagy-Váci: Alternative Learning Plots: A Narrative Inquiry into Teachers’ Competence Building in the Classroom


Viktória Lázár: Achievements and Attributions in the Context of Acquiring English as a Foreign Language: Learner Beliefs


Dávid Juhász: Re-routing in Europe: The Key to Successful Communication as a Truck Driver with Limited Language Competence



Volume 6 - 2012:


Rita Kóris: Adventures into the Unknown: A Pilot Interview Study on Business English Teachers' Specialized Competencies and Attributes


Bálint Feyér: Investigating Hungarian EFL Learners' Comprehension of and Attitudes towards Speech Varieties of English: A Two-phase Study


Andrea Koltai: Exploring Student Motivation: Teaching Students Specializing in EU English


Júlia Bosnyák and Nikolett Gáncs: The Motivational Disposition of English Language Teacher Trainees


Negah Allahyar and Ahmad Nazari: Potentiality of Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory in Exploring the Role of Teacher Perceptions, Expectations and Interaction Strategies



Volume 5 - 2011:

Borbála Kálmos: Language Learner Errors and Dyslexia: A Tale of Unlikely Parallels

Francis J. Prescott: Validating a Long Qualitative Interview Schedule

Zsuzsa Tóth: Foreign Language Anxiety and Advanced EFL Learners: An Interview Study

Adrienn Károly: Exploring Learners’ Needs and Expectations: Translating EU Texts in an English Bachelor’s Programme at a Hungarian College

Andrea Juhász: Native EFL Teachers’ Self-Perception of their Teaching Behaviour: A Qualitative Study

Ágnes Kovács: The Role of Social Environment in the Formation of Adult English Language Learners’ Attitudes to Learning English: A Pilot Study 

Réka Asztalos: Students’ Disposition towards the Use of Computers and the Internet in Language Learning: The Results of a Pilot Study

Brigitta Dóczi: Comparing the Vocabulary Learning Strategies of High School and University Students: A Pilot Study


Volume 4 - 2010:


Éva Illés and Kata Csizér: Secondary School Students’ Contact Experiences and Dispositions towards English as an International Language – A Pilot Study


Uwe Pohl and Margit Szesztay: Understanding Group Energy in University Language Classes


Ildikó Szendrői: Teacher Talk in The ESP Classroom – The Results of a Pilot Observation Study Conducted in the Tourism Context


Éva Barta: Test Takers’ Listening Comprehension Sub-Skills and Strategies


Beatrix Henkel: Ukrainian and English Motivational Self System of Minority Learners in Transcarpathia



Volume 3 - 2009:


Réka Jablonkai: “In The Light Of”: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Lexical Bundles in Two EU-Related Registers


Mátyás Bánhegyi: The Translator’s Ideology and the Reproduction of Superstructure


Gyöngyi Boldog: Pronominal This: Deictic of Commitment


Helga Dorner and Éva Major: Evolving Collaboration among Teacher Trainees – Analysis of Collaborative Discourse


Borbála Rieger:  Hungarian University Students’ Beliefs about Language Learning: A Questionnaire Study


Dorottya Holló and Nóra Németh: Ten Years On: Applying the Lessons of a Research Project in Thinking about the Practicalities of Research Design



Volume 2 - 2008:


Gyula Tankó & Gergely J. Tamási: A Comprehensive Taxonomy of Argumentative Thesis Statements: A Preliminary Pilot Study


Ildikó Furka: The Curriculum Vitae and the Motivational Letter: A Rhetorical and Cultural Analysis


Anna Trébits: English Lexis in the Documents of the European Union – A Corpus-Based Exploratory Study


Zsuzsa Tóth: A Foreign Language Anxiety Scale for Hungarian Learners of English


Gabriella Mezei: Motivation and Self-regulated Learning: A Case Study of a Pre-intermediate and an Upper-intermediate Adult Student


Ilona Huszti: The Micro Level of Reading Miscues: Case Studies of Six Learners


Adrienn Menyhárt: Teachers or Lecturers? The Motivational Profile of University Teachers of English



Volume 1 - 2007:


Zsuzsanna Walkó: EFL Research Articles through the Lens of Pragmatic Politeness


Francis Prescott: Organizational Strategies in the Writing of Entry-Level University Students


Dávid Veljanovszki: Students’ Academic Speech Events as Seen by Students and Teachers in a

Hungarian EFL Setting


Jasmina Sazdovska: A Three-Phase Discourse Analysis of Student Business Presentations


Klára Bereczky: Marking Logical Connection in Presentations


Gordon Dobson: The Textual Representation of a Political Paradigm Shift: A Critical Discourse

Analysis of Two Election Manifestos


Stefka Barócsi: The Role of Observation in Professional Development in Foreign Language Teacher Education


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