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Working Papers in Language Pedagogy -

Volume 9, 2015


Editors' foreword






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Editors' foreword

We are happy to introduce the ninth volume of WoPaLP Working Papers in Language Pedagogy. Continuing the traditions, it offers research articles that we hope will serve as inspiration to both future authors of original work in the area of applied linguistics and language pedagogy as well as researchers interested in writing up the results of relevant projects in monographs presenting the knowledge base of specific fields.

The current volume of WoPaLP presents five research articles. These provide a good insight into a number of interesting issues and projects related to language learning motivation, autonomy, teacher trainer beliefs and practices, as well as multilingual inner discourse.

The first three studies focus on motivation. Csaba Kálmán’s work is concerned with the motivation of adult learners, more precisely the teacher’s impact on motivation in a corporate environment in Hungary. Ármin Kövér and Ágota Szűcs look at motivation as a process to thus explore the characteristics of the general motivation of English MA students and examine the phenomenon as a dynamically changing construct. Dávid Smid turns his attention to language learning autonomy and discusses the language learning motivation and learner autonomy of MA Applied Linguistics students in Barcelona originating from a variety of countries, including Spain, China, and Japan. Then with David Juhasz’s study we return to the Hungarian context again and investigate EFL teacher training beliefs and practices at a prestigious Hungarian university. The volume ends by Emese Boksay Pap’s exploratory study on the multilingual inner discourse of Vietnamese-Hungarian bilinguals in solving an L3 problem-solution pattern task.

We are grateful to the members of the Advisory and Editorial Boards and to the external reviewers of the journal for their valuable work in the anonymous review procedure that precedes the publication of each of the volumes of WoPaLP. Their helpful comments and critical insights have greatly contributed to the quality of the papers that ultimately found their ways into this volume, too. Our thanks also go to the authors of the papers and their proof readers for their contributions and their efforts in revising the studies.

We wish you happy reading!

          The editors




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The articles are stored in .pdf format. Click on the author's name, and the article will appear in a new window. Depending on the settings of your browser, you may have to download the file before opening it.


Csaba Kálmán: The Teacher's Role in Generating and maintaining the motivation of Adult Learners of English in a corporate environment: a Pilot Study


Ármin Kövér and Ágota Szűcs: The Motivation Processes of MA in English Applied Linguistics Students


Dávid Smid: MA Students' Foreign Language Learning Motivation and Autonomy in an International Learning Context


David Juhasz: EFL Teacher Trainer Beliefs and Practices at a Hungarian University - Validating Instruments for a Pilot Study


Emese Boksay Pap: The Multilingual Inner Discourse of Vietnamese-Hungarian Bilinguals in Solving an L3 Problem-Solution Task: An Exploratory Study




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